Janine Mizera

Janine Mizéra is a graphic designer and photographer currently living in Hamburg, Germany.

She first started her journey into photography while travelling through Europe, mixing a clear even graphic approach to landscape and architectural photography with a love for detailed shapes and eroded structures. Increasingly her passion for nostalgia and silent colours influenced her work until she became intrigued with portrait photography in 2010.

Photography is my way of dreaming; A tiny door to escape the daily routine and grey skies of the mind. I go through the world searching for beauty in every domain, finding it in the melancholic voice of music and the freckles of a face. During the process of creating a picture, I fall in love with the person captured. At this moment I don’t care for technology and perfectly sharp pictures, but for what a photo has to say, what it makes you feel. Photographs should cause you to understand the true nature and character of objects and persons. Art, music and the way people were living in the past have always been deeply fascinating to me. To be enveloped into a world of faded memories is my obsession. A photo to me is something magical: a door to another world, capturing the fleeting nature of time on a piece of paper for all eternity.