Laboral Ciudad de la Cultura
Jose Maria Mellado

José María Mellado is one of the Spanish photographers who, with more strength, has built that visual experience of the natural beauty.

Mellado masters lights and clouds; wraps his landscapes with grayish colors, as suggesting that something is near to happen, that the pledges for the rainfall will be fulfilled. In his empty roads, his enraged rivers and seas, in the breathtaking factories or in the vision of the city, a blend of intense poetry and, at the same time, weird unreality is conveyed. There is no documentarism nor anecdote here, but the eagerness to convert the outside into the land for dreaming.

In some way, Mellado exemplifies, to the completion, that Paul Klee’s idea: Art does not reproduce the visible; ‘rather, it makes visible’

[F. Castro Flórez; 2007]