Alessio Romenzi
World Press Photo

The World Press Photo Foundation is a major force in developing and promoting the work of visual journalists and visual storytellers, with a range of activities and initiatives that span the globe.

We were formed in 1955, when a group of Dutch photographers organized a contest to expose their work to international colleagues and exchange knowledge with them. That annual competition has since grown into one of the most prestigious awards in photojournalism and digital storytelling, the exhibition it produces is seen by four million people worldwide each year, and the World Press Photo Foundation has become much more than a contest.

Freedom of expression, freedom of speech and freedom of the press are indispensable, and quality visual journalism is essential for the accurate and independent reporting that makes these freedoms possible. We work to develop and promote quality visual journalism and visual storytelling because people deserve to see their world and express themselves freely.

Today, when the world, the press and photography itself are undergoing seismic changes – and when visual literacy is more important than ever – we strive to help visual journalists and storytellers, as well as their audience, understand and respond to these transformations so these freedoms can be secured and creativity can flourish. To help achieve this we partner with a number of international organisations.