Sol LeWitt
Alan Cristea Gallery
Gallery / London

Prompted by his continuing ambition to ‘paper the world in original art’, Alan Cristea opened his eponymous gallery in 1995. The gallery is the primary representative for a number of renowned contemporary artists, artists’ estates and emerging artists, and is one of the world’s leading publishers of original contemporary prints and editions. Having expanded considerably over the past 21 years, in October 2016 the gallery moved to new, larger, bespoke premises, better suited to the representation of the gallery’s growing roster of celebrated and international artists.

The Alan Cristea Gallery is entirely artist-led and is dedicated to assisting artists in bringing new bodies of work to fruition, including editions, works on paper, paintings, sculpture or installations, which are presented in a continuous program of public exhibitions, events and art fairs. Alongside this, the gallery also draws on Alan’s 50 years of experience in the art world to provide unrivaled access to the best examples of original prints by the modern masters of the 20th and 21st centuries, from Naum Gabo, Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso to Patrick Caulfield, David Hockney and Andy Warhol.

The gallery continues to extend the legacy of some of art history’s most important figures through its work with the Estates of Josef Albers, Patrick Caulfield, Naum Gabo, Richard Hamilton and Tom Wesselmann. Exhibitions 2018 include Maire Harnett, Christiane Baumgartner, Sol LeWitt, Richard Serra and Julian Opie.

The gallery is a member of the International Fine Print Dealers Association and Alan Cristea is treasurer of the Society of London Art Dealers.

  • Michela de Mattei & Toby Christian: Flash_Looking
    May 17 – Jul 5, 2024
    London, UK

    The phrase ‘flash-looking’ suggests something slick and shiny, a high-gloss finish, a smooth way of operating. As a synchronising of parts, the phrase also suggests a quick glance, a glimpse, something seen out of the of corner of one’s eye: “What’s that”. Flash_Looking, featuring Toby Christian and Michela de Mattei, works through these connotations and more. Brought in dialogue, Toby and Michela’s artworks speak with and across each other with an anachronistic elegance (more…)

  • Maria Sturm: You Don’t Look Native to Me

    In 2011, Maria Sturm began to photograph the lives of young people from the Lumbee Tribe around Pembroke, Robeson County, North Carolina. Through the process of documenting their lives, Sturm began to question her own understanding of what it means to be Native American. Her new book You Don’t Look Native to Me combines photographs with interviews and texts to preconceptions and show Native identity not as fixed, but evolving and redefining itself with each generation. (more…)

  • Martin Boyce: Before Behind Between Above Below
    Mar 2 – Jun 9, 2024
    Edinburgh, Scotland

    This Spring sees a new exhibition in all of the Fruitmarket’s spaces from Glasgow-based artist Martin Boyce. Boyce, reworks and references the textures and forms of the built environment. Using the iconography of the everyday alongside the formal and conceptual histories of modern architecture and design, his sculptures often form poetic landscapes which merge interior and exterior spaces. In an extended act of homage and deconstruction Boyce has most notably referenced Jan and Joël Martel’s concrete trees of 1925. (more…)