Arianna De Nicola

Arianna De Nicola, 1986, Rome, Italy.

In her work she follows a multidisciplinary trajectory, where the absence of color predominates, emphasizing a Minimalism. By manipulating the painting as a means of expression, techniques of printing and sculpture, represents figurations distorted to the limit of abstraction.

Her research focuses on emotional perception, and deepens the psychic limit that the individual surpasses in their emotional state.

Taking this as a reference, she develops her project around the concept of barrier to be overcome, where the negative connotation of the border, positive value by becoming open to new horizons.

It refers to an imaginary world made up of fantasies intimacies and pleasures with reference to the desire as the impulse of the human being.

Among her last art works, “Tutto non ha un limite” artwork made during the artistic residence at BoCs Art in Cosenza, a project curated by “I Martedì Critici” by Alberto Dambruoso; and “Deep” solo exhibition at Frax Foundation, Spain.

“Arianna De Nicola, in Deep, realizes an research to enter the depths of the human being. The physical and psychic limits, the visible and most hidden fears… An attempt of dip in the deepest of the psyche; A personal trip of confrontation with one itself and of overcoming. Beyond the minimalismo and of the aesthetic subtlety, Arianna pushes us to give this jump to the emptiness that supposes overcoming the barriers that us flood the soul.” –Esperanza Durán, 2017.

She lives and works between Spain and Italy, Rome, where he was born.