Luca Galavotti

Luca Galavotti is a documentary and portrait photographer based in Emilia, Italy.

Attracted by everything related to communication and visual arts, he started photographing in the early 2000s during his university studies. He first began taking pictures of his surrounding, then for five years he has been working for a photography agency traveling in many different places, in Italy and abroad. Deliberately cinematic, Galavotti’s photography tends to investigate the relationship between places and human beings, and especially how these elements impinge on each other, in a sort of symbiosis. Therefore, essential landscapes and emotional portraits are the key point of his photography. Working in documentary, fashion and portraiture – and often fusing all three – his images are clearly informed by an innate sensitivity towards and respect for his subjects. A tireless traveler, he is a strong lover of analog photography and most of his photographs are taken using old film cameras.