Chloé Silbano
Artist / Performer

Chloé Silbano carries out actions according to different media, painting, video, performance.

She seeks to develop mental protocols, born of observations of the environment, the world (labor, weight, property, constraints) or things more innocuous, sensible, but always by making it a particular experience, through experimentation.

She creates the objects that serve her actions.

By the particular shape of a bottle, she transforms the body into a second neck for the vessel.

With “Auto, soi (enfoncer les carcasses)”, it would be about the exterior ergonomics, from the outside. The performer makes contact with the object, through an inflated appendage the size of the person’s head, felt by touch. The performer pushes their fingers into the windows inward. As they withdraw, the glass has molded the finger.

With “La marche des sacs” (Walking bags), it is the approach that is transformed, the arms extended by the bags.

It is about grasp, tension, and constraint, in stagings which put into play the body and the created objects; to speak of the world, the environment.