Art collective / exhibit space

Born in 2012 as a multidisciplinary laboratory, LABO is a space shared by five artists: Isabella Nazzarri (Visual Arts), Michael Rotondi (Visual Arts), Chiara Sorgato (Visual Arts), Maria Chiara Lamperti (Goldsmith’s Arts and Sculpture), Laura Bassan (Goldsmith’s Arts).

For some years, the space hosts collective projects involving other artists to dialogue with our reality, becoming a place of exchange and participation in Milan’s emerging art scene.

In 2015 we started to organize open studios in which we presented our newest works.

In 2016, during Studi Festival we realized the collective show “Turn on”, in which the artists involved were invited to create bright works within the space’s darkness.

In 2017 we realized “Capriole” exhibition on the concept of sexuality lived through many different points of view.

Both exhibitions hosted a performance during the inauguration.

Periodically, we also make meetings, open studies, collective projects.